Talika Lipocils & Black


Ms Sina Deubner, Area Sales & Marketing Manager Talika

Talika is a brand synonymous with the lash growing product, Lipocils®. There have been many brands offering lash growing products in the past year or so but Talika is the brand which started it all, a pioneer of lash growing products as they launched the 1st product for lash growing way back in 1948 in the form of a lash growing cream.

Eyelash conditioning cream

In 1994, Talika repackaged the original formula in a tube with a brush-through wand:-


In 2010, Talika introduced Lipocils Expert®, the 1st formula which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies eyelash pigmentation and enhances curl:-

Lipocils Expert®

Now Talika introduces their latest Lipocils® product in the form of Lipocils & Black®, a double-sided wand containing Lipocils® at one end and a keratin-stimulating mascara on the other end:-

Lipocils® promises longer, healthier lashes in 28 days when applied twice a day on cleansed lashes. It contains 12 botanicals that promise to stimulate growth of lashes up to 2.5mm within 28 days.

The other side of the wand contains the exclusive mascara formula for stimulating keratin synthesis and lengthening lashes.

The mascara did have quite a lengthening effect on my lashes – I have only just started on the treatment so we’ll have to wait for another month to see if it has a lengthening effect on my lashes without the mascara.

The mascara is impressive as it imparts a blacker than black colour to my lashes and held the curl all day albeit with a little bit of help from Talika’s heated eyelash curler:-

Lipocils & Black® is RM142/2 x 2.5ml.