To Switzerland With Love



Growing up in the 70s, there really wasn’t much a kid could do to pass time other than read and watch tv. I collected the 3 ‘s’ – stamps, stationery and stickers. I still have my stamps and stationery collection but I can’t seem to find my sticker stash. I know it’s around somewhere but I can’t rummage the entire house for them.

My snail mail pen pal from Zurich with whom I have been communicating for about a year sends me lovely letters with stickers attached to each and every one of them. Her letters take almost a month to arrive and vice versa which makes her letters all the more priceless in this day and age when we easily send each other emails. I have no idea what her email address is, she prefer to correspond by snail mail and I look forward to opening her letters which are full of news about her life and Zurich.


So I thought it was about time I reciprocated her wonderful gesture of decorating all her letters with stickers which by the way are not easily available in Switzerland as is here in Asia. She has to go to the printers to get them done especially for her which cannot be cheap. I’ve seen stickers in AEON and Daiso but never took much notice of them until recently when I decided to do some decorating of my own on my letters.

Daiso is the best place to hunt for stickers both for price and variety, every Daiso has different stickers and ever since I purchased the first one, I have made it a point to look for stickers at every Daiso outlet. At RM5 each, they are far cheaper than what’s available at AEON and kiosks at shopping malls which sell stickers.


I hope my pen pal likes all the stickers which will be coming her way in the coming months.



  1. Ooh, this is really reminds me of the good old days where collecting stickers, stamps and writing to pen pals via snail mails. It is how we practise our writing skills and writing in proper English. I always accompany my letters with drawing too. I love waiting for the postman to arrive with those letters. Now, it is so rare for people wanting to write letters.

  2. High five ! I have a small collection of stationery, stamps and stickers too. I love pencils and erasers back then. My bookmarks collection is bigger coz I used to purchased them using stamps from student magazine ‘good student’. I collect few things but they are just a small collection, like my matches, I can’t get them that easily now. It’s been yearsss since the last time I get a new thing to add.

    It’s such a lovely feeling writting to pen pal especially now when technology reigns. Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with mine. The one I still remember is a girl from Hong Kong.

    • High 5 indeed! The art of penmanship is quite extinct but it is a lovely feeling to put one’s thoughts down on paper instead of thru a digital device. I had pen pals both locally & abroad but over time, all went incommunicado. Still keep their letters though and it’s nice to go over them once in a blue moon. Get a warm, fuzzy feeling.