Coffee Break At Chapter Two Pavilion


It’s the freakin’ weekend and time for a much needed coffee break. With so many cafes in Pavilion and the Bukit Bintang area, which cafe should one choose? Well if you are at Pavilion, then I highly recommend Chapter Two right in front of Mercato. At RM5 for Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Long Black, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this for the quality offered.

Chapter Two offers some main courses like sandwiches, pasta and salad but the main reason for visiting this cafe is the coffee. I’m only an occasional coffee drinker since I prefer tea but I can tell the difference between an average cappuccino and a superb one and at Chapter Two, it is the latter.



Their coffee beans are a blend of Costa Rican and Ethiopian and the aroma is truly fragrant. The coffees are beautifully made with thick foam on my cappuccino, I gulped it all down in less than 5 minutes without sugar. Note the coffee art? It didn’t take long for the coffees to be brought to our table either. This is definitely one of the better cafes in town.