Suria Meriang Sdn. Bhd. Staff Sale 2013



I joined the queue with my friend just before 6 a.m. and by then we were at the end of the 3rd line. Of course I wasn’t surprised that there were already so many people in the queue. Oh! To be one of the lucky few holding the green invitation cards. Even when all of them were in, the ballroom was hardly filled so they could shop in relative ease and comfort without the pushing and jostling.

There was a lot of skincare and cosmetics from Estee Lauder but everyone knows that the first counter to go to is Bobbi Brown as there are such limited cosmetics especially the value sets. As soon as I arrived at that counter, one of the managers thrusted 2 of Bobbi’s Pretty Powerful Collection boxes at me. The Party Collection contained a Sandstone Shimmerbrick, Mahogany High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara, Long-Wear Eye Pencil and gold pouch to me while the Coffee to Cocktails Collection contained 2 Long-Wear Cream Shadows, Brownie Pink Lip Color, Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara, Long-Wear Eye Pencil and navy blue wristlet pouch. Both collections retailed at RM160 which is a steal for a Bobbi Brown set.


There were lots of Origins skincare sets, Clinique Happy and Aromatics Elixir fragrances and lots of MAC products. If you are a MAC fan, you would have been very happy with what MAC had to offer as nail lacquers were going for RM30 for a set of three and there were Crush Metal Pigment sets, lip glosses, fluidlines, eye shadows in sets of 4 and many more. I wasn’t so into the skincare from Estee Lauder and Clinique though as the manufacturing date of some was 2011 and from what I saw, Estee skincare was quite pricey with most being over RM100.


I couldn’t resist this set of MAC Extra Dimension eye shadows (4 for RM100) as they are beautiful and look very pigmented.


Initially, there was a number of DKNY Limited Edition Be Delicious Paris and Be Delicious New York (50ml/RM115) but the stock quickly dwindled in the 2 hours that I was there. It did take me 2 hours to have a good look at everything as it was really slow-moving in there and I had to wait my turn before looking at products.


Overall, a pretty good sale with plenty of bargains and worth losing sleep over. Would I do it all over again next year? Count me in and maybe, hopefully I can somehow get my hands on one of the green invitation cards? It doesn’t hurt to have some hope!


After the sale, I was off to Concorde Hotel for a much needed buffet breakfast and a bit of a shut-eye.


  1. Wow… Special invitation card !! How to get an invitation for myself next year who is neither a staff of Suria Meriang nor a blogger ? 🙁

  2. OMG! This is really syok and happening! If me, Im gonna buy more MAC products. How to join this event for next year? is it possible? really interesting, they should open it to public. haha.