Succumbing To The Hype


It has been a seriously long time since I last bought a mascara as I have mascaras up to my neck and it takes forever and a day to finish using one tube. There are days when I go without mascara so unless I use the same tube of mascara twice a day continuously for a year, I would not be able to use it up. Consequently, I rarely finish using any mascara.

However, being the curious beauty addict that I have become, I just had to find out more about Japan’s world renowned and popular Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara. I wouldn’t have checked it out but for the discount offered by Sasa (original price RM59/discounted price RM38.90).

A mascara that was like paint-on false lashes? It has a false lash formula applied like mascara and forming film that encapsulates lashes. This mascara is made in Japan which was the clincher for me. Can’t go wrong with a mascara made in Japan, right?

Well, a curious beauty addict and her money are soon parted so I came home with the Fiberwig and couldn’t wait to try it out. Would I be throwing away my one and only pair of false lashes now that I had this fabulous find? Not quite as the pics below will attest to.


Sure, there’s length but it didn’t elicit the “this-is-incredible-look-at-how awesomely-long-my-lashes-are” reaction from me. The brush is long and curved, easy enough to apply the fiber to every lash, even those small ones at the sides but the lashes are spindly and spidery.

There is non-existent volume with this mascara which is okay since I can always use a volume building mascara beforehand. I’d applied the Fiberwig about ten times and the results were still the same – length was evident but hardly looked like falsies. Some Maybelline mascaras I’ve used produce better results than this one.

I have also tried using Maybelline’s The Falsies before Fiberwig and the result was somewhat better but then what is the point of applying 2 mascaras? Not everyone has time to apply 2 mascaras everyday.

I wonder how the Fiberwig became such a phenomenon. Good advertising? The one good thing about the mascara is that it was indeed smudge-free for me and I guess there is a second good feature in that it gave definition without any clumping but I just can’t deal with such skinny looking lashes. Fiberwig does have another mascara for volumizing also available at Sasa.