Stray Cats Are Welcome Here : An Ode To Felix By The Blue Flamingo



A few months ago, this black cat kept coming to my house, probably because he knew my 2 cats were being fed 3x daily. I guess he was trying his luck. Well he certainly got lucky because I can never refuse a stray cat/dog who comes to my house. It pains me to see hungry animals so Felix (as he looks like a Felix), so elegant and handsome with his long white whiskers. has been included in the daily cat feeding routine. My cats are scared of him, especially the male as they have been in fights before and Felix emerged as top cat.

My friend, The Blue Flamingo has very kindly drafted an ode to Felix. Although she hasn’t seen him IRL, I have been sending photos of Felix in his various poses. Felix is quite detached as he won’t allow me to touch him, perhaps humans really scare him. But I feel we have grown closer in the past few weeks and hopefully one day he will allow his fur to be stroked. All stray animals deserve to be taken care of as it wasn’t their choice to end up being a stray. Even if we can’t give them a home, it’s so easy to give them a meal. I hope Felix will be happy and well always.

dsc_0072O My Felix,
O how you are so regal
Your coat is ever so black
And ever so stately
With an enduring formality

O My Felix,
O how your demeanour is so imperial
Your whiskers are snowy white
And my only thoughts of you
Are ones that are forever endearing

O My Felix,
O how you have become faithful to me
You have grown to be my lovable kitty
And you have transformed my adoration for you
Into my fondness for you

The Blue Flamingo