Starz Kitchen @ Pavilion


dscn1630Last year when Starz Kitchen @ Pavilion first opened, there were long queues everyday. I waited till the hype died down before venturing to try this celebrity restaurant. Owners of the famous Starz Kitchen in Hong Kong are fellow artistes, Alan Tam and Hacken Lee. I guess there would be queues no matter what type of restaurant they opened.

Anyway, prices are high as can be expected of a mall like Pavilion, what more the location is at The Food Loft and not the food court. I ordered wan tan dry noodles. Unlike the versions here, the dark sauce is in a separate dish and you can add as much as you want into the noodles. I prefer the Malaysian version where the sauce is nicely incorporated into the noodles but Starz Kitchen noodles are springy and firm, nice texture.


Also tried the crispy char siew pao which comes in a trio. Indeed it is crispy and the filling is moist with generous amount of char siew. Service was attentive as the restaurant was not full despite it being lunch time on a weekend.