Soy Sauce Business In The Dripping Sauce


imagesFor a long time now, I have not been watching any TVB dramas other than the recent Wonder Women because Miriam Yeung put in an excellent performance. Then I saw that the ongoing TVB drama, The Dripping Sauce has veteran actress Mimi Kung in it. I have liked this actress since she played the Goddess of Mercy role in Journey to The West with Dicky Cheung. The Dripping Sauce is about a family of soy sauce merchants, the patriach of the family is played by Singaporean actor Hugo Ng and Mimi Kung plays his wife.

Hugo Ng has 3 brothers who are all unscrupulous on different levels and they want a piece of the business. In comes Rebecca Zhu and Katy Kung who want to be apprentices at the soy sauce factory. Unbeknownst to everyone, Rebecca Zhu is actually the daughter of Hugo Ng and Mimi Kung. Rebecca Zhu’s character is feisty and she is always raring for a fight but she has a good heart unlike Katy Kung’s character. Katy Kung gets mistaken as Hugo Ng and Mimi Kung’s daughter because of a piece of jade which actually belongs to Rebecca Zhu.