The Song Of Glory Is Worth Watching If Only For The Feisty Heroine


song-of-gloryChinese dramas used to have naïve main female characters who only turned cunning after they had been victimised and bullied a few times but in the new Chinese drama (started beginning of July), the main female character Shen Li Ge is clever & so not easy to bully from the get-go. In fact, she could be the most feisty heroine in any Chinese drama I have seen.

She is like a very able assassin despite her petite frame. She can take on an entire army single handedly, have to suspend my disbelief every time she cuts her way through dozens of men. She’s all out to fight corruption and in doing so, she meets the Prince Regent Liu Yi Kang who falls in love with her, not knowing her real identity.

Shen Li Ge has taken up the identity of eldest daughter of the Shen family. The actual eldest daughter was her deceased friend. The head of the Shen family is General Shen whose family is framed and later wiped out. Shen Li Ge does not know that her good friend and compatriot in fighting corruption is Liu Yi Kang whom she wanted to assassinate in Episode 1.

There are 53 episodes altogether, I started watching 2 days ago and find this drama rather interesting and promising. At least it doesn’t have long unnecessary political soliloquys like another Chinese drama I gave up on.