A Cat Is A Girl’s Best Friend (Poem “My Adorable Ser”)


dsc_8459Three years ago when my neighbour’s house was then uninhabited, I saw a mother cat with her three awfully shy kittens. At that time, I had absolutely zero interaction and experience with cats and never considered myself a cat person. In fact, I was a little apprehensive about approaching cats as they have such sharp claws but from a distance, day after day, as I watched the kittens play with each other, running around the compound and bonding, I grew gradually very fond of them. I took out some cat kibbles which had been given to me at some event and threw them at the family. They ran to wherever I threw the kibbles and gave them more which I bought from the supermarket.

Out of the family of four, only this male cat remained with me. His mother disappeared last November much to my disappointment as I have been feeding all of them since 2017. I love this cat and named him Ser Radar. He has been neutered, has a wonderfully clam temperament like his mother and he can meow all day especially when he wants some TLC and food. I never knew I would fall for a cat the way I have for this ginger kitty. He is my constant companion day and night, the one I look forward to seeing every day and I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. I just cannot resist giving him belly rubs and my heart melts whenever he gazes at me!

One day I might write more details about him but for now, I will post this poem written by my friend, The Blue Flamingo titled “My Adorable Ser”.


My adorable Ser,
Whenever you meow, you pull at my heartstrings
Whenever you sleep, you sleep in a funny position
You have a flair, your paws are always up in the air

My adorable Ser,
Your brown stripes make you ever so charming,
To me you will forever be endearing
Your lovable manner is ever so constant and so loyal

My adorable Ser,
You live in your favourite cardboard box
Where from within you dwell, where from within you look at me,
So contented you seem to be

My adorable Ser,
You will always be true to me

You will forever be my Ser,
My adorable and lovable kitty