Somewhat Bewitched By “Mayfair Witches”

Five weeks ago, I came upon “Mayfair Witches” and recognised the main protaganist actress, Alexandra Daddario who was in “The White Lotus” Season 1. I do like watching supernatural drama series although not all of them with that theme. Alexandra Daddario is Dr. Rowan Fielding, a neurosurgeon who has a relatively normal life without realising she comes from a long line of powerful witches, that is until she makes certain people in her presence collapse with her mind.

Rowan’s mother is dying, she does know it isn’t her biological mother. She thinks her adopted mother has been trying to help her find her biological mother but the truth only comes out after the adopted mother passes away that she hasn’t been looking for her real mother all this while. Rowan discovers the whereabouts of her biological mother, Deirdre in New Orleans. When Deirdre gave birth to Rowan, Rowan was taken away by Deirdre’s Aunt Carlotta who gave her to her niece, Elena.

Aunt Carlotta has been drugging Deirdre to stop her from being with an entity, Lasher. Lasher comes to every generation of Mayfair witches and he is a force that can’t be stopped even if each Mayfair witch tries to resist him. The doctor making a house call to treat Deirdre withholds the drug that has caused her to be in a stupor and Deirdre has a vision that Rowan has arrived in New Orleans. Deirdre escapes from the house to see Rowan but as soon as the elevator door opens on Rowan’s floor of the hotel, Rowan sees Deirdre slumped on the floor with her throat slit.

Lasher is like a shape shifter as he can appear to Rowan in many forms and guises. Aunt Carlotta tries to kill Rowan as she doesn’t want Lasher to get to her. After Deirdre’s death, Rowan is the “designee” or the 13th Mayfair witch. So far there are 5 episodes and it’ll be interesting to watch Rowan try to get away from Lasher’s clutches. There are flashback scenes to the 1st Mayfair witch and how she came to be one (more to be revealed in upcoming episodes). It’s a little scary without being too scary and Alexandra Daddario really does make a beautiful witch.