Some That Glitters Is Gold



There are 4 Goldish Eyes palettes in Kate’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. BU-1 Goldish Eyes is the only palette with an icy blue shade in it. This is also the shade which contains Nuance Gold Pearl which is bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. All the shadows feel a bit creamy but when I used the applicator to pick up the shadows, they tend to become a bit powdery and some of the shadow transfers to other shades so if I use the applicator, I have to be careful that the shadow I pick up doesn’t migrate over to other colours.


A – soft beige

B – deep brown with gold shimmer

C – light blue

D – shiny gold (contains Real Gold Pearl, pearl powder with rich shines of real gold)

So I used the palette in the manner prescribed by Kate :-



four1. Use the sponge applicator to take shadow A and spread it over the whole eyelid as a base.

2. Use the finer tip of the applicator to blend B as if drawing a line along the edge of the upper eyelid.

3. Take C on a fingertip and while blending with shade B, apply it to the eyelid crease.

4. Take D on a fingertip and adjust the intensity on the back of the hand. Then apply it over shade C.

The result is a very soft shimmery look with no harsh lines that need to be blended properly. The light blue is really quite pale and would be just the shade for ladies who like blues but don’t want to end up looking like they are wearing make-up from the 80s.

Because I like my eye shadows to be more intense, I mixed the blue and deep brown with Inglot Duraline and applied more of the blue on the inner corner of the eye towards the centre and the deep brown from the outer corner of the eye to meet the blue. I added a black pencil liner to the deep brown liner.



The shades in BU-1 are not strong colours but if you want more intensity, just apply more of shade B on the crease. The shadows did not crease or fade despite wearing them all day but I would use a primer or base underneath as that brings the colours out a bit more.

Kate Goldish Eyes is RM59/3.5g (same price as last year’s Spring/Summer palettes).

Kate Goldish Eyes BU-1 is a press sample.