Sizing Up Samples : Kiehl’s Argan Haircare


The Argan tree grows primarily in Morocco but is also grown in Israel. The argan fruit takes a year to ripen, in June or July of the following year. They are collected manually in July and August. Kiehl’s “Superbly Smoothing” Argan Haircare is formulated with Argan Oil. It’s a collection of haircare that addresses frizz, fly-aways and dullness.

Some time back, I was given some samples of Argan Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Pak. Initially I was only given 1 sachet each which contains 5ml of product. I knew from previous experience that 1 sachet each wouldn’t cut it for my hair which is thick and long so I asked for an extra sachet each. They assured me that 1 sachet would be enough, maybe if I had short cropped hair but even 2 sachets of each product was actually insufficient and I could only shampoo my scalp thoroughly with the 2 sachets, leaving the middle and end section of my hair un-shampooed.

Apparently, Argan Oil is rich in oleic acid and essential fatty acids which helps to smooth the hair fiber, creating smooth, shiny, healthy hair. Both the Shampoo & Conditioner contain cocoa butter which provides moisture to the hair.

The Shampoo doesn’t lather up much but then again, it is sulfate-free (so I knew not to expect much lather) as well as paraben and silicone-free. As I said, I didn’t have much product to work on so it was just a quick shampoo (which probably explains why my scalp still feels itchy now).

After washing off the shampoo, my hair felt quite smooth already. In fact, it was as if I had already applied conditioner. There was hardly and hair fall-out during the shampoo which is remarkable as I almost always have a fair bit of hair fall-out with previous shampoo products.

Since I didn’t need to condition my hair from scalp to ends, the 2 sachets of Conditioner were sufficient. There was some hair fall-out during the conditioning process but nothing out of the ordinary. After the Conditioner was washed off, my hair felt very smooth and soft. The scent of the Conditioner seems to be stronger than the Shampoo.

After I’d blow-dried my hair, it felt more manageable, less prone to frizz, straighter and neater. Other than the itchy scalp probably due to insufficient shampoo, the products did give my hair a more sleek look.

The full sized Shampoo & Conditioner are RM75 each.