Sizing Up Samples From Benefit


I’ve always thought that Benefit has a lot of interesting products in very out-of-the-norm packaging. It’s a brand that has spawned a lot of look-a-likes but when it comes to cute, fun and girly packaging, Benefit was the original.

Unlike some other brands though, Benefit doesn’t have that many sample sized products. All the samples come in cardboard sachets which are almost as cute as their full sized products. I have had these 2 samples for some time and it’s about time I used them, I thought.

“that gal” really needs no introduction because it’s one of Benefit’s bestsellers and most well known products. It’s that pink primer which can be used solo or added to foundation for a subtle glow. It is a very light pink with no discernible shimmer.

As the pinkness isn’t very strong, it doesn’t seem to show up much if I don’t use a reasonable amount. It is an option for those looking for a skin enhancer and when I mix it with foundation, my skin takes on a radiance and brightness. At RM129 for 11ml, it can be considered rather pricey.

There’s “You Rebel” for darker skin tones and “You Rebel Lite” for fairer skin tones. Both contain SPF15 which isn’t high sunscreen at all but them again, most tinted moisturisers don’t seem to have high SPF.

“You Rebel Lite” has a runny consistency, being neither too thick nor too thin. As a tinted moisturiser, it won’t offer much coverage. “You Rebel Lite” does suit my skin tone. It’s good for days when you don’t want to slather on foundation. They are priced at RM123 for a 50ml tube.