Sephora Orange Blossom Bath Products


Sephora’s bath and body range has been revamped recently. You’ll notice that there’s slight alterations in the packaging, e.g. the bubble bath and shower gel used to have a curved front but they are now completely flat. There’s a wider selection of scents which has been mentioned in my earlier post.

Orange blossom is one of the more unusual scents in their bath range. The scent is very uplifting and perfect for anyone who loves floral scents in their bath products. I love this scent as it stays on my skin even after my shower and I feel like I don’t even need to add body lotion as my skin feels quite buffed and smooth from the Smoothing Body Scrub which has fine exfoliating granules. I just wish there was more of the scrub in the tube as it is finishing up too quickly. It went down to half the tube within a week of usage.

As for the Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, it has a lot more mileage than the Body Scrub. It creates a thick lather especially when poured on to a shower puff or bath sponge. It’s best applied on those if you don’t want to end up using more than necessary.

The Smoothing Body Scrub is 140ml/RM29 while the Bubble Bath & Shower Gel is 260ml/RM36.

Note : Products have been provided by PR for review.