Sephora Long-lasting Eyeliner


I’m not an expert on liquid eyeliners and I’ve never purchased one before because I doubt my ability to use them properly. I’m afraid of making a mess as they aren’t the easiest and most idiot-proof type of eyeliners. I prefer to stick to pencil eyeliners and even gel eyeliners.

Sephora’s long-lasting eyeliners come in 14 shades, some in glitter and metallic textures. For the purpose of this review, I have glitter kaki which is a pigmented olive-bronze with gold glitter. It’s like the liquid liner version of MAC’s Gilt By Association Mineralize Eyeshadow from their Style Black Collection, my favourite MAC eyeshadow so how could I not like glitter kaki?

The long-lasting eyeliner comes in a small, slim but long and narrow tube. The brush is quite firm and not too hard. It’s actually quite easy to control and should be fine for beginners to liquid liners. I do consider myself a liquid eyeliner novice and I thought this was manageable for a precise application.

Here’s what I have noticed about this liquid eyeliner and I guess it applies to all liquid eyeliners – when I draw a thicker line, it really helps to define and enhance my eye, makes it appear bigger and when I draw a thin line, it still looks good but my eye does not look like it’s bigger.

I could use it on my eye crease and it’d look as if I’m wearing an eyeshadow but I’m going to use it solely as an eyeliner since I want to preserve it, there doesn’t seem to be much liner in there. I’m relieved that I haven’t made a mess or have to touch up mistakes using this applicator.

The flecks of gold in this eyeliner is a bonus. I’ve drawn it as close as I can to my lash line and it hasn’t irritated my eyes nor has it smudged even though I don’t think it is waterproof (doesn’t say so on the product itself). It dries quickly and is not too wet.

The long-lasting eyeliner is available at Sephora outlets and retails at RM45.

Note : Sephora long-lasting eyeliner was provided by PR for review.