Seeking Physiotherapy For Calcaneal Spur At Taman Desa Medical Centre

X-ray of right foot
X-ray of right foot

What I assumed was some nerve pain for the past 3 months turned out to be a bit more serious as it can’t be cured with health supplements like ingesting Alpha Lipoic Acid (AHA) % B12. Neither will any medicated plasters work so all that was a waste of time and money. There was no choice but to get a specialist’s opinion at Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC) on Saturday morning. I was given the first appointment to see the orthopaedrist, Dr. Jasmeet.

At exactly 10am, Dr. Jasmeet walked into his room and my number was called. I explained that my heel had been sore for a few months now and showed him where the sore spot was. Dr. Jasmeet diagnosed it to be a bone spur and x-ray would confirm it so off I went to get  my foot x-rayed.

Indeed it was a calcaneal/bone spur. There was calcium despoit on my heel bone causing a protrusion. There are 2 treatments : ultrasound therapy or if that failed, surgery. Of course I hoped ultrasound would work as there’d be far less possible complications and inconvenience. My next stop after paying the bill (total RM207 of which RM140 was the specialist fee, RM60 x-rays and registration/admission RM7) was the 1st floor, Phusiotherapy Centre.

Room for ultrasound treatment
Room for ultrasound treatment
Ohysio Centre TDMC
Physio Centre TDMC

The physio therapist was Encik Azhar, a more amiable and friendly person I have not met in a long time. He explained that they would start me on 3 sessions of ultrasound and each session would cost RM50 which was a relief as I’d imagined the cost to be a lot higher. The ultrasound session on on my foot took less than 15 minutes and afterwards he explained that I could use an ice pack and do some stretching exercise at home.

This is the place to go to if anyone needs physio as the staff are very nice and will put anyone at ease. I went for my 2nd session this morning and my 3rd will be on Friday morning. Hopefully it will work otherwise (dread) it’s the surgery alternative.