seaNtree Cosmetics At Guardian Pharmacy Caught My Attention Instantly



Korean cosmetics are well known for their cute packaging, they are designed to catch the attention of young women and the young-at-heart. This is the kind of packaging which your family, friends and colleagues will ask you about as soon as you whip it out of your bag. Some of them are so whimsical and unique that you won’t want to throw away the case or palette even when you have finished the product within.

One of the nicest Korean cosmetics packaging at Guardian Pharmacy is seaNtree (the logo represents mangrove forest and waves of sea). It symbolizes unique ecosystem that is created by  mangrove forest and sea).

dsc_0007dsc_0004dsc_0005Apparently the prices of seaNtree are lower here than in Korea. Products available are eyebrow and eyeshadow palettes, lip balm, blush, lip tint and cushion.