Scent Maker Crazy Love EDP


scentmaker-crazy-loveScent is very subjective as what may smell heavenly to some may be a real put-off to others. There are fragrances from different brands that smell rather like each other and if one wants something unique, then there are brands like Scent Maker which offer scents quite unlike any other. Scent Maker Crazy Love EDP offers a blend of rose and bergamot in the top notes, peppers and spicy cinnamon in the middle notes and musk in the base notes.

The scent isn’t too intense, I like it a lot when first sprayed on but then it mellows down quite fast and it isn’t that long-lasting. Within a few hours, I can barely smell it on my skin. The bottle has a unisex appearance, could almost pass off as a men’s fragrance.

Scent Maker Crazy Love EDP retails at RM180/50ml and RM290/100ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample