Rebonding At Orange De Art Of Hair Salon



Strolling up to Orange De Art Of Hair Salon, I almost thought I was heading towards a café because of the jazz music coming out of its doors. It’s kind of refreshing to enter a hair salon which plays music one would expect from a café rather than Chinese or pop music.

I purchased an Orange De Art Of Hair rebonding service Groupon in July and it was time to redeem it as I only had a few days left in which to do it. I read their customers’ reviews on their Facebook page which are generally positive as to the service.

By now, I rather dread entering hair salons I have never been to before because I am aware of the horrible condition of my hair, very damaged by continuous sessions of rebonding and probably not enough post-care and treatments so when Felix, co-owner of Orange De Art Of Hair Salon examined my hair, I saw his horrified look and knew what he was about to say.



Most of the hair treatments I have been to are short-lived on my hair and it’s not long before my hair goes back to being dry again. Nothing much I can do about it since I don’t have the kind of budget that allows me to go to a salon for treatment once a week or in my case, I probably need it twice a week.

Anyway, Felix recommended that I upgrade to Shiseido Professional products for the rebonding which would include pre-treatment (not included in the Groupon offer) to protect my severely damaged hair and that’d cost an extra RM150. Ok, that meant I might as well not have purchased the Groupon and just have walked right into Orange De Art in  the 1st place but I didn’t really have a choice given the condition of my hair so I agreed to the additional charge.




First the pre-treatment with the steam machine with nano technology, the mist is ultra fine and I haven’t seen a machine like this before. It looks expensive and is from Japan. The steam was for 15-20 minutes during which time I soaked in the ambiance of the salon. The front window faces Poise Organic Wellness Studio and lets in natural light. This is a well decorated hair salon which is comfortable and spacious.

After the pre-treatment, the rebonding process itself took well over an hour. I have such naturally wavy frizzy/wavy hair. There was another treatment at the sink just before the final blow dry. The results – very smooth hair but fingers crossed, I hope my hair doesn’t deteriorate further.



Orange De Art Of Hair Salon is located at 123A, Jalan Sepadu, Off Jalan Klang Lama, KL and are open from 11am-8pm daily except on Mondays.

03-7986 0628