Radiate The Warmth Of The Holiday Season With Bobbi Brown’s Nude Glow Shimmer Brick Compact



The first Bobbi Brown product I ever purchased was the Bronze Shimmer Brick Compact (it’s still in pristine condition) which is Bobbi’s original Shimmer Brick. It started with that one and then my Shimmer Brick Collection grew to include Pink, Rose, Rose Gold and Platinum Pink. I don’t use them often but I do love looking at them. It’s one of the treasured parts of my make-up stash.

Bobbi Brown’s Nude Glow Shimmer Brick is part of Bobbi’s 2013 Holiday Collection. From the exterior to the interior, it couldn’t be more different from her usual Shimmer Brick Compact. This one has the Bobbi Brown logo which looks like a family crest unlike the other previous Shimmer Bricks which just have the words “Bobbi Brown” across the compacts.


The Nude Glow Shimmer Brick looks more luxe than the other Shimmer Bricks as this one has gold edges. The biggest difference is that unlike 5 narrow strips of colour, you get 4 squares of shades ranging from champagne, peach-brown, brown to gold, all pearlescent shimmers.

As with any other Bobbi Shimmer Brick Compact, this compact has a dual purpose, for eyes and cheeks. These colours are less sheer than other Shimmer Bricks and I thought the colour pay-off was excellent even without having to apply them over an eyeshadow primer. The lightest shade in this compact (bottom right hand) is perfect as a highlighter for eyes. I am sure this would be the 1st shade to finish if I was using this compact everyday.



I don’t have very large pores so it didn’t accentuate my pores but this isn’t the kind of shade I’d normally use as a blush. I can see it working very well on those with darker skin tones but I do like this one for eyeshadows especially for day time.

It might (or might not!) interest those of you Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick aficionados to know that the Nude Glow Shimmer Brick weighs 6.5g compared to 10.3g for the 5 strip Shimmer Bricks. It retails at RM190.

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Shimmer Brick has been provided for this review by Bobbi Brown Malaysia.