Pslove BackHeat Back Pain Relief For When Your Back Hurts


dsc_9209It’s all down to ageing – sooner or later we may get a back ache and need relief. Hunched over laptops or phones for hours every day, it’s only a matter of time before some or most of us suffer from back aches. A product that came in handy for me recently is Pslove BackHeat Back Pain Relief. BackHeat uses a clinically-proven heat therapy method to relax your neck and shoulders, thus providing relief and comfort.

dsc_9210It heats up quickly to provide relief from pain. It’s not too hot to cause discomfort. There are 2 sections to the plaster so you can use it together or divide it. The heat can be felt for hours. BackHeat is designed to bend easily across your back for wider coverage and maximum comfort.