Prepping Skin With Cyber Colors Botanical Smoothing Hydro-base


Whenever I go for a makeover session, the makeup artist will invariably prep my skin before applying foundation. They do this either by applying a light layer of moisturiser after cleansing my skin and/or spritzing my skin with a spray like MAC’s Charged Water.

Since I usually apply my moisturiser way before I apply make-up in the mornings, I’m not about to apply more moisturiser just before makeup application. This is when Cyber Colors Botanical Smoothing Hydro-base comes in handy.

Cyber Colors Botanical Smoothing Hydro-base is a bi-phase makep primer/makeup base which contains Moringa Oil with skin smoothing properties and White Seven Flower Newplex with moisturizing and nourishing qualities.

Being a dual phase product, I shake the bottle to mix up the 2 parts evenly before spritzing my face twice. It has a refreshing fruity scent, the fragrance is grapefruit. It contains more than a few flower extracts such as rosa centifolia, jasmine, lily, iris, hibiscus, etc.

It does make it easier to apply foundation and since it has moisturizing properties, skin doesn’t feel so dry underneath make-up. Actually, it can also be used over make-up but it’s rather bulky to carry it around. I wouldn’t mind a travel sized version, maybe 30ml.

The bottle contains 150ml of product and retails at RM79.90.

Note : The product was provided by Sasa’s PR.