People Who Don’t Wear Masks And Aren’t Even Apologetic About It


earluvrucaazn4jNever mind the people who walk around in crowded areas especially indoor confined spaces with their masks hanging on their chins, there are those who do not wear masks at all when they are in public spaces. There’s this little coffee shop not far from my neighbourhood where I pop in for lunch occasionally. The aunty sells noodles cooked in a few varieties – dry, clear soup or curry.

I have to tip my imaginary hat off to the aunty as she tells customers who wear their masks around their chin hovering over her food to order to put their masks back on properly. Then came this man totally without a mask who wanted to order their steamed buns. I was looking at him as he even stepped foot into the coffee shop. The aunty was quick to tell him to wear a mask and he just glared at her unapologetically without a word.

After he left, the aunty informed me that the man had just moved into the flat above the coffee shop and was a nuisance as he’d just throw used tissue paper into the street from his flat. Yes even as we battle this pandemic, there are still people like him who knowingly or unknowingly put others at risk.