The Penthouse War In Life Season 2 Episode 2 Recap


1bd53d051851429b8caf6c7d0db2a207Some of the characters in The Penthouse War In Life Season 2 have got a makeover, a few sport shorter hair and more intense makeup. After Dr Ha Yoon Chul and his new wife, Oh Yoon Hee descend from the helicopter at Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin’s engagement, Joo Dan Tae and his henchmen go after Dr Ha but this is a tougher Dr Ha who gives Joo Dan Tae a beating when Joo Dan Tae punches Dr Ha.

Cheon Seo Jin is incensed at the sight of Dr Ha with her lifelong nemesis, Oh Yoon Hee. Joo Dan Tae asks her if it’s because she still has feeling for Dr Ha or if she is angry that Oh Yoon Hee married her ex-husband or both. Ms Kang, one of the busybodies of Hera Palace calls Cheon Seo Jin to inform her that her opposite neighbour who just moved in is none other than Oh Yoon Hee. This comes as a shock to Cheon Seo Jin as she was under the assumption that the apartment had been sold to a US pharmaceutical company owner but it turns out that the owner is her ex-husband, Dr Ha. Cheon Seo Jin blames Joo Dan Tae for not doing an intensive background search on the owner of the pharmaceutical company.

More horrors for Cheon Seo Jin as she has to witness dr ha and Oh Yoon Hee acting all lovey-dovey in front of her at Hera Palace. It’s a pretend marriage as Dr Ha and Oh Yoon Hee are getting revenge on Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin. At a press conference to promote her upcoming 20th anniversary concert, Cheon Seo Jin sings for the media but she isn’t pitch perfect. She can’t hit the high notes. During a medical check-up, she is informed by her doctor that she has nodules which need to be removed by an operation and she should cancel her concert to take a good rest. She refuses to do so as she has already hired the orchestra and made other arrangements, she wants to go ahead with the concert at the risk of never being able to sing again.

Cheon Seo Jin decides to hire a singer who will be hidden while she performs. She finds the perfect candidate but during the concert, the hidden singer isn’t the one she hired. It is actually Oh Yoon Hee who can really hit the high notes thanks to a surgery in the US arranged by Logan Lee to repair her vocal chords.