The Penthouse War In Life Season 2 Episode 1 Recap


202101141629-main_cropped_1610616602The Penthouse War In Life Season 2 Episode 1 starts at the 28th Cheong A Arts Festival where the Cheong A High School students compete to be the best singer. This would guarantee them a spot at the nest university in the country. After the results are announced, a girl rolls down the steps outside but who is she? Her face isn’t revealed.

Flashback to 4 months ago where diva and villainess Cheon Seo Jin is performing at a concert in New York. After the concert which is a huge success, she staggers upstairs towards her hotel room where she bumps into her ex-husband, Dr Ha Yoon Chul who carries her back to her room. As she is very inebriated, she spends the night with him. Back in Korea, Joo Dan Tae who has spies in New York, is informed that Seo Jin is in the room with Dr Ha and after Seo Jin leaves for the airport, Dan Tae’s henchmen burst into the room and kidnap Dr Ha, beating him up and throwing him into the river.

Back in Seoul, Seo Jin receives a mysterious box containing a damaged photo frame. She wants Dan Tae to find out who is behind the harassment. Dan Tae has his suspicions while Seo Jin blames Oh Yoon Hee who disappeared a year ago. Seo Jin and Dan Tae’s teenage kids are hostile to the idea of their parents being together.

Lawyer turned Assemblyman Lee is on a hunger strike but it is a pretend hunger strike as he is stuffing his face after ‘fainting’ and being brought to a nearby tent. Dan Tae and his friends in Hera Palace arrange a surprise engagement party for Seo Jin who finds threatening words scrawled on Hera Palace’s lifts.

It turns out the culprit behind the mysterious gifts to her is none other than Dan Tae’s maid, Yang Mi Ok who has served the family for 20 years and is obsessed with Dan Tae. She wants to be with Dan Tae so badly that she will do anything for him, including luring Oh Yoon Hee out of hiding and the only way to do this is to first lure Yoon Hee’s daughter, Bae Ro Na to her flat. It worked and Yoon Hee rushed there to save her daughter but is attacked by Mi Ok. She is saved by Logan Lee who has been helping her hide all this while. Mi Ok swallows some drugs and kills herself so Logan has no choice but to stage the scene to make it look like Mi Ok was getting revenge on Dan Tae. He leaves notes supposedly written by Mi Ok declaring that Dan Tae murdered his wife, Shim Su Ryeon.

Dan Tae is arrested by the police while he is proposing to Seo Jin but of course he blames Mi Ok for murdering Su Ryeon and is released. At the police station, Seo Jin spots Yoon Hee who has turned herself in and who is cleared of Su Ryeon’s murder since everything points to Mi Ok as having murdered Su Ryeon.

At Dan Tae and Seo Jin’s formal engagement ceremony, something interesting happens. To the song “Non, je me regrette rien” made so famous by Edith Piaf, a helicopter whirls overhead causing everything on the ground to be suspended in the air. Who appears out of the helicopter? It’s Dr Ha and his new wife, Oh Yoon Hee. Can’t wait for episode 2 tomorrow when the revenge begins.