Payot Hydra 24+ Offers Anti-Aging Prevention With Extra Super Defence



Hydration skincare has a bigger market than anti-aging skincare as hydration products are used by everyone, regardless of age, skin types and gender. Nowadays people want more out of hydration products such as protection from free radicals. Through the new Payot Hydra 24+ range, Payot wants to modernize the concept of hydration. The aquatic blue shade of the products gives it a new visual identity.

Payot trainers from France, Jade and Anne-Sophie were in town recently to introduce bloggers to the Hydra 24+ range, available next month. There are four products in this range.


Hydra 24+ Gel Crème Sorbet has a lightweight gel-cream texture, non-sticky and suitable for day and night. It’s packaged in the iconic Payot glass jar which reflects the curves of women. This is the ideal moisturizer for oily to combination skins.


Hydra 24+ Crème Glacée has the same ingredients as the Gel Crème Sorbet and comes in the same jar but with a different texture. This one has a slightly thicker texture but is also suitable for day and night use, especially for dry skins.


Hydra 24+ Regard Glaçon is a decongesting eye cream with a roller-ball so that the eye cream can be massaged in. Great for reviving the eye contour area. Has same ingredients as rest of the Hydra 24+ products.


Hydra 24+ Baume-En-Masque is like a bath of water for skin, plumps up skin. One can use this as a sleeping mask.


Anne-Sophie demonstrated the application techniques for the Gel Crème Sorbet and Crème Glacée. This involves smoothing strokes to the face, neck and cheeks as well as drumming actions.

The Hydra 24+ products smell fantastic thanks to water saturated fruits such as watermelon and fig. The Hydro Defence Complex within retains water on skin surface, allows continuous diffusion of the active ingredients inside the skin and creates a shield to reform skin’s barrier function. It contains Creatine, a synthetic active ingredient derived from synthesis of natural amino acids and red algae extract with “hyaluronic-like” action.

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Payot Malaysia trainer, Amanda demonstrated the massage techniques Payot used during Payot salon treatment. Payot facials involve a 42 movement massage. After the sheet mask is placed on the face, two massage devices are used to gently massage the face for 10 minutes and after that, the mask is left on for a further 5 minutes.