Parker 5th Technology : The New Generation In Pens


Parker pens were part and parcel of almost every schoolgoing kid back in the 80s. I remember my mum gifting me with one in Form 5. It was from a very old pen shop located along Petaling Street. A Parker pen was the ultimate writing instrument and owning one was like owning the latest iPad. Those were the good old days when you’d want the best writing tools since few kids even owned typewriters.

An innovative new writing system from Parker is set to revolutionise how we feel about writing. Parker aims to gain a new generation’s interest in fine writing by creating a pen that is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. The innovation consists of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood – together they constitute Parker 5th Technology, the next generation of pens.

The Parker 5th Technology – so named as it offers a genuine fifth way of writing, following decades of fine writing being led by the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and the mechanical pencil – was born out of extensive research into consumers needs. This work revealed an expectation for a single pen that combines the value of a metallic modern hood design, the superior experience of a soft writing feel and the convenience of a clean refill. Parker 5th Technology is the world’s first writing system that answers these needs.

The result of this ground-breaking innovation is an effortlessly smooth, smart gliding feeling that adjusts to your writing style after just a few words. The innovation behind Parker 5th Technology combines the wase and pleasure of writing with a stylish, high-end design, creating the perfect on-the-go pen that can travel with you everywhere.

The new writing system from Parker is not only a technological breakthrough, it is also a must-have example of contemporary accessory design. The Parker Ingenuity Collection has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5th Technology; this collection of unparelleled style and elegance makes this writing system the ultimate accessory for today’s stylish man and woman.

The Parker Ingenuity Collection, which comes in two sizes, bold large and elegant slim, draws design inspiration from the latest premium trends. The daring mix of Metal and texturized soft-touch Rubber effect with ring detailing offers a breakthrough pen design that references the latest trend in the prestigious watch industry. The subtle and feminine iridescent Pearl Lacquer finish echoes themes from luxury jewellery this season. Whilst the sandblasted deep metallic Pink Gold PVD* finish is inspired by the latest looks in high-end cosmetic trends. Other up-to-the-minute designs in the collection include a bold and sleek Chrome PVD* finish as well as classic and timeless Black Lacquer.

Since 1888, Parker has established itself as a pioneer in the fine writing field, in both technology and design. With its latest launch presented by Ms. Odile Garcia, Senior Marketing Manager of Parker/Newell Rubbermaid, Parker 5th Technology continues a long tradition of leading the way with cutting-edge innovation and design.

At the media launch yesterday, Parker announced the start of a pop-up activation plan to highlight the ground-breaking launch of Parker 5th Technology and the Parker Ingenuity Collection. With the aim of gaining a new generation’s interest in fine writing – including those who may not frequent pen shops – the international leader in the fine writing arena expands its retail presence in the form of innovative pop-up locations across the globe. To kick-off this worldwide launch, Parker selected an exclusive location at the entrance of the TFWA Exhibition at the prestigious Palais des Festivals in Cannes on September 18, 2011.

Parker Ingenuity Collection and the Parker 5th Technology are available at exclusive and prestigious locations in Malaysia this year at:

  • Suria KLCC               : 28 May to 10 June 2012
  • Pavilion KL               : 4 to 17 June 2012
  • One Utama               : 13 to 24 June 2012
*PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an ultra-resistant coating process revealing underlying texture whiile providing color and luster. It is used in top luxury or technology industries like the watch, the glasses or the phone industry.