Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss


dsc_4788Cocoa is unique among vegetable fats because it is a solid at normal room temperature and melts at body temperature. It is also a skin-conditioning agent that coats the skin with a fine film; thereby diminishing water loss and leaving skin softened and protected. Generally, I like any body care product which contains cocoa butter as it’s not just hydrating but smells fantastic. Palmer’s is a good brand for its body care products. This Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss has the perfect texture, creamy without being too thick and difficult to absorb into skin.

dsc_4789dsc_4790The gloss is not that evident but it’s there and it does give a bit of a sheen to my skin. There’s no sticky feeling and the scent is perfect, not too strong. It’s a good product for giving skin a bit of a highlight.