Pagoda Brand Camphor Soap Is So Vintage-Looking


dsc_7646I am always drawn towards anything that looks vintage so when I saw the Pagoda Brand Camphor Soap in pink packaging, I wanted to get a few. It’s RM2/65g at De Market Supermarket in Taman Desa & also available at the Childhood kiosk in Gardens Mall. However Chiildhood is selling the same thing at RM3.50 which is almost double the price of De Market!

Camphor is a natural antiseptic. It helps to fight skin disorders, such as Eczema and Urticaria and eradicates blocked pores that cause acne and blackheads. This is a very pure soap, containing no chemical additives or harmful perfumes. I think that this would be a good soap for those with skin problems as it reduces inflammations.