OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash



Blackheads are formed by pores clogged with oil and dead skin cells which later oxidise when hair follicles are exposed. If blackheads are left untreated, they will set deep into pores making them difficult to remove and they can develop into acne or pimples. Most of the time, blackheads develop on the T-zone which is the oilier part of the face although when I go for my irregular facials, the beautician will also press them out on my cheeks.

OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash with Mineral Enriched Volcanic Clay works in multiple ways to keep skin clean and clear from blackheads :

1. Cleanses deeply to unclog pores from oil, dirt and impurities

2. Remove blackheads and prevents formation of blackheads and acne

3. Control secretion of sebum

4. Long-lasting hydration.



While I cannot say that the number of blackheads on my nose have decreased or that this wash has prevented the formation of more blackheads, I will say that it is a very good facial wash as it can remove my make-up well and leave my skin not feeling dry. I like the clay feel on my face, it’s probably a facial wash more for oily than dry skin but I think that it’s also fine for my dry skin.

OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash retails at RM8.50/50g & RM13.90/100g. These are pre-GST prices.