O’slee Fourth Generation Rosehip Ruby Edition



Director of O’slee Malaysia, Mr Aaron Lee, announced at the launch of O’slee fourth generation Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Edition, the next generation all-in-one skincare for youth. O’slee enhanced edition is an affordable brand designed and imported from Hong Kong to promote rejuvenation of all skin types and complexions in the Asian market. This Ruby edition line includes the items such as Sleeping Mask, UV Block Powder,  C Shape Eye Mask, and Peeling Gel. The event was attended by Chinese actress from latest movie  “The Gathering” –  Ms Jo.

Aaron discovered O’slee five years ago and introduced the brand to Malaysia market with the basic range as a start. After O’slee had been introduced in Malaysia, Aaron worked closely with beauty scientists and explored in Hong Kong for the most advanced  ingredients that brought about advantages to the local market and was finally able to introduce the Ruby range with an oil free moisturizer with pore minimizing effect. O’slee beauty solution for Ruby edition  is in a category all its own yet is more affordable than competing brands.


O’slee beauty solution for Ruby edition promises to improve clarity and younger-looking skin while minimizing pores. These products were developed with a combination of technology and natural ingredients such as the planted Rosehip from a Chilean mountain that is rich in skincare nutrients. O’slee skincare products are made with the Pure Rosehip extract, applying the latest technology, having high affinity to skin and highly effective. Made with natural clustered water, it easily permeates into skin and cells, activates the cell tissues and releases the vitality of life.


At the launch, O’slee introduced the new Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner which contains Precious Natural Clustered Water also known as “ruby water”. This one has brightening, cell-activating and anti-aging properties.

For more information on O’slee, please visit www.oslee.com.my