One Can Never Have Too Many Eyeshadow Palettes


Sometimes I am really late in discovering a brand’s latest makeup collection, this was the case with Paul & Joe’s Manhattan Collection which was available at their counters a few months ago. I knew about it when I received Isetan’s newsletter which promoted a makeup demo with this collection at their Lot 10 counter.

However, I didn’t get round to checking it out till last month when I stumbled upon the Manhattan Collection eyeshadow palettes at Sephora, KLCC. Couldn’t miss the palettes as they were displayed prominently together with other Christmas palettes at the main entrance.

When I swatched the colours in the palettes, I was blown away. Excellent pigmentation and colour pay-off. That notwithstanding, did I really need another palette? I walked away but of course, kept thinking about the palettes as the days went by.

One day, I found myself in Parkson Pavilion and wouldn’t you know it, right in front of Paul & Joe. I swatched all 3 palettes again – 001 58th & 5th, 002 Chelsea and 003 Manhattan. Although all 3 were lovely in their own way, I was most attracted to 003 because of the red-brick and olive shades.

I can’t say I love all the shades, for instance I find the white highlight too frosty. I wish it was more toned down. Also, the blush is too strong and intense, too pigmented to be used as a blush. The blush brush is useless too for even application of the cheeks. I have to use a bigger brush otherwise the effect is patchy.

On the upside, the rest of the eyeshadow shades are superb in texture and colours are stunning. They are some of the best I have come across this year which is why this is my very first Paul & Joe purchase. I’ve been tempted by this brand in the past but never to the extent of purchasing something, not even at their warehouse sales.

The Art Deco designs on the eyeshadows are not rubbed off easily. The eyeshadows are not powdery and there is no fall-out, colours stay true to form all day. The dual-ended eyeshadow sponge/brush is useful for blending.

Overall, quality is excellent and this was a worthwhile purchase. Oh yes, one can never have too many eyeshadow palettes or so I have convinced myself every time I see a palette like this. This palette is 8g/RM152.







  1. I bought a set from the afternoon tea session in Isetan Lot 10 a few months ago. It’s very affordable too. I choose 003 over 002 :). I wore the palette almost every day lol