Olive Garden @ Mid Valley Megamall



Every time I visit Watsons at Mid Valley Megamall, I pass Olive Garden and most of the time, there’s a bunch of staff standing outside. If there’s one thing that puts me off going into a restaurant, it’s being persuaded to go into that restaurant by the staff. I mean, calling out to me won’t make me go into your restaurant. On the contrary, it has the opposite effect.

My dining companion suggested we try out Olive Garden so why not? We had a late lunch or should I call it an early dinner because we ate at 4pm. At that time, we were the only diners there. The menu is quite compact and if you order entrees, you have a free flow of any of their soups or house salad.


I ordered the Fettucine Alfredo @ RM25.90 because I like creamy sauces. This just has parmesan, fresh cream and garlic. At that kind of price, I would have expected some chicken pieces or even turkey (can’t be that expensive to include some?). The waiter will come to you with more parmesan cheese. The sauce is thick and it is tasty without being too salty.


We shared a cheese dip which my dining companion remarked wasn’t hot enough. It was just lukewarm at best and come to think of it, so was the Fettucine Alfredo. This cheese dip is too rich for someone having Fettucine Alfredo.


Shrimp Scampi Fritta with garlic and lemon butter sauce (you can also choose the spicy hot pepper sauce) comes in 2 sizes : solo RM16.90 and sharing RM36.90. This looks like a solo size but is actually the sharing size.

Generally, I think the fare is average and expensive for the portions and quality. What I enjoyed the most was the complimentary with entrée House Salad with Olive Garden’s Italian dressing (as mentioned earlier, you can also choose any of their 3 soups) which is refillable. When the waiter took away the empty bowl, I requested for a refill which never came until we reminded them.

Olive Garden @ Mid Valley Megamall is on the 1st floor.