Nyonya By Josh Lee EDP



Peranakan culture is fascinating because just the word “Peranakan” brings to mind an era of elegance and refinement. Just think of the Nyonya attire and accessories as well as the food and furnishings of their homes.

Nyonya by Josh Lee is inspired by the culture of the Peranakan. This is a lovely fresh floral fragrance which embodies the graceful femininity of a modern Nyonya. She embraces flowers as part of her Peranakan culture; with rose and jasmine symbolising her eternal beauty, lotus reflecting her purity, chempaka expressing her eternal love while peony and orchid portraying her nobility. Nyonya is a fragrance that celebrates the women of today who are modern and yet preserve her culture and traditions. This Eau de Parfum is blended with bergamot, neroli, the Nyonya Flowers (peony, rose, jasmine, lotus, chempaka and orchid), cedar, sandalwood and musk.

The vibrant pink wood cap symbolises the colourful and distinctive cultures of the Peranakans. The pastel pink colour fragrance is captured in the art deco square bottle to celebrate a modern Nyonya’s love for her grassroots and culture. The packaging is environmental friendly with recyclable paper and eco-ink printing.
As this is a EDP, the scent is slightly stronger and more long-lasting than Josh Lee’s George Town EDT. Nyonya by Josh Lee is more floral and it successfully combines the heritage of yesteryear with elements of modernity. It’s a beautiful fragrance which will appeal to many women, very feminine and it’s a scent that makes me feel happy when I use it.
Nyonya by Josh Lee is now available at RM 160 (before GST) for 50ml bottle.