This Nescafe Gold Promotion Is Worth It Just For The Calligraphy Scroll And Ang Pows


dsc_4591Whoever thought of this marketing gimmick at Nescafe Malaysia is a genius because it’s sure to attract customers especially now. Purchase RM38 of Nescafe Gold products and receive a complimentary calligraphy scroll (it’s in a pair). You can choose from those already written or get one customised. The calligrapher will google what you want and write it down on the spot. Thank goodness for google. Pre-Internet days, one would have to look for the auspicious saying in a book.

dsc_4592dsc_4585dsc_4588dsc_4581It’s not difficult to make a purchase of RM38. I think the requirement is very reasonable as they could have set the minimum purchase higher. Don’t you think these calligraphy scrolls make a lovely gift even if you don’t intend to display them in your home?

dsc_4596I asked for some of their gold ang pow packets as they are so different from the usual red ang pows. These gold ang pows are so unique as I don’t think many brands have come up with gold packets.