Naturals By Watsons Prestige Rose Body Scrub


dscn2967Whenever possible, I like to have a body scrub as it softens my skin while I bathe and the scent of body scrubs can sometimes be even better than shower gels or body wash. This Naturals By Watsons Prestige Rose Body Scrub is in the new packaging and the scrub contains Organic Rose Water from Bulgaria, Morocco and France as well as Rose Oil from Bulgaria (everyone gets their rose water and rose oil from Bulgaria!).

dscn2968This is a creamy scrub, I would have preferred the tub to be slightly smaller because when I opened the cover, the scrub had all moved to one side of the tub and it looked like it was half empty when in fact this was the first time it had been opened. The scrub granules are fine and gentle on skin. While it softens skin, it doesn’t soften as much as I would have liked. Have used better body scrubs than this but it’s okay for a drugstore brand body care product.

Product reviewed is a press sample