Minimal Makeup With Focus on Lips : MAC Nu-ance Trend



 “A minimal makeup focused on the lips. She is a fresh and natural girl who took the best of the 60s…..a bright, coral lip on a bare, flawless skin.” TOM PECHEUX

For those who prefer minimal makeup, take a look at the image above. No eyeshadow or blush have been used, just foundation, concealer and Golden Elixir Strobe Liquid (available Spring/Summer 2013) on the face. Lashes are perfectly curled and left bare.

The focus here is on the lips with Glamour Era Mineralize Lipstick applied over the entire lip and Lady At Play Mineralize Lipstick concentrated through the centre of the lip for a brightening effect to finish.


MAC Mineralize Lipstick is very different from their current formulations. Even the tube looks completely different and much more sleek with magnetic closure. You just drop the cap down and it’ll click shut without you having to push down. Lovely! The cap looks like the cap from their Mineralize Concealer, that’s the closest comparison I can come up with.


I didn’t like the shade when I first opened the cap. What, so orange? Not my kind of shade, I thought but first impressions aren’t always right. When I tried it on my lips, it was a different story altogether. It’s wasn’t as orange as I thought. This is more of a coral tangerine which instantly brightens up my skin even if I choose not to wear other makeup.



The most surprising thing about this lipstick is the smooth glide on my lips. I have never worn a MAC lipstick this moisturising and smooth. The lipsticks from their permanent range can be quite drying and even their Cremesheen isn’t this smooth. Another thing that was equally surprising? It’s really long-lasting because I only needed to re-apply after a meal. It still looks as good as new after I’ve had my cup of tea.

This is a sneak peek at the Mineralize Lipstick, prices aren’t available yet but I think it should be in the RM85 region as it’s going to retail at USD22.