Mellow Yellow : T. LeClerc Loose Powder In Banane


All I knew about T. LeClerc a few years ago was that their powders were classic products, must-haves from the brand but they were so pricey at almost RM160! Then, the T. LeClerc counters at Parkson 1 Utama & Pavilion closed and offered 50% discounts prior to closing. It was time to get me some T. LeClerc.

It has been some 2 years since I got my T. LeClerc loose powder in Banane. I was told that it’s the most universal shade for fairer skin tones. It’s a yellow based powder for yellow toned skin like mine. The powder contains rice starch which according to The Cosmetics Campus, has been known for clogging pores and causing breakouts so I’m not sure how it’d fare on those with such skin concerns.

So far so good on me as I have not had any breakouts from using this powder. I don’t use it everyday so the container is still very full, as good as new. When I first laid eyes on the jar, I was surprised that such a small container could hold 35g of powder. 35g is a lot as most loose powders these days are 30g and many are below 20g.

The container doesn’t look like it has undergone much change since the brand first started in 1881. If someone from 1881 were transported to present day, she might still recognise the powder just by looking at the little, round, silver aluminium tin.

Compact as the tin may be, I do wish the container was bigger. I guess the brand wanted to preserve the retro look but the container is simply too small for 35g of powder. Every time I use the powder, I have to handle with extreme care to prevent spillage.

There’s a cardboard sifter which sits on a piece of plastic which keeps the powder from spilling but they are a pain to remove. For such an expensive powder, it could at least have come with a powder puff, if not a small brush.

The powder itself is finely milled and doesn’t add more yellowness to my skin. Instead, it evens out my skin tone, negates any redness and keeps my skin looking matte all day. It doesn’t settle into fine lines nor is it cakey, it doesn’t make my skin look as if there is something over it. Skin retains a natural look, love the powder as it’s lightweight and of good quality but the packaging sucks. I wouldn’t risk travelling with it unless I were to seal up the cover but that’s just too much trouble.

At 35g, this is one powder that will last a long time even if you were to use it everyday. I use it with a powder brush and it’s also troublesome shaking off the excess back into the container as the space is too small and the excess often ends up out of the container.

As it was on 50% discount, I got it for RM79.50. The only place I can think of which still stocks this powder is Ken’s Apothecary at Empire Subang, Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya.