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Most of us can whip up a simple omelette but some of those kids on cooking programmes can put adults to shame with their knowledge of sophisticated techniques and complicated recipes. I was an avid fan of Junior MasterChef Australia and found it fascinating how every junior chef could whip up dishes I had never even heard of before. I don’t think I even managed an omelette at their age although I was quite a pro at pancakes! What impresses me most is how the junior chefs tackle mystery ingredients – I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them grow up to be Michelin star chefs.

In conjunction with the season premiere of MasterChef Junior US which aired on Star World (Astro Channel 711) and Star World HD (Astro Channel 722) on the 20th of April at 8.45pm, FOX International Channels held an exclusive media preview at F by Buffalo Kitchens to promote this new and tantalising show.


Sponsored by Friso Gold-a formulated milk powder for children, MasterChef Junior US showcases America’s young talents aged between eight to thirteen years; battling it out in the kitchen to present the best cooked dish. No different from the adult version, they are given difficult challenges to overcome.

Guests were in for a real treat as a junior cook-off challenge took place, as talented pupils from Young Chef’s Academy stepped up to the plate and flaunted their culinary skills. The challenge consisted of two rounds where eight students battled it out in hopes of becoming the MasterChef of The Night. Members of the media also joined in on the fun as they assisted the young chefs in cooking their dishes.


The first challenge tested their technical skills where they had to whisk eggs whites into stiff peaks and judging was based on consistency and texture. Meanwhile, the second challenge saw them prepare gourmet chicken patties where their creativity and use of ingredients were put to test.

Guests were enthralled as they witnessed the young chefs at work and were truly impressed with the young talents. Come the end of the night, one student was hailed the winner and was awarded with exclusive MasterChef merchandise and a hamper of professional kids cooking utensils.


To add to the lively ambiance of the night, guests were entertained by an exclusive cooking demonstration by Chef Albert, Head Chef of F by Buffalo Kitchens. They enjoyed being treated to exquisite gourmet food and watched a preview for the exciting season premiere of Masterchef Junior US.

“For this event we wanted the audience to experience MasterChef Junior for themselves, and see what goes on in the show. Now we know that a lot actually goes into preparing a simple dish and the pressure behind it,” said Penny Tan Marketing Director of FOX International Channels.

 ‘As demonstrated by our young chefs tonight, it is proven that kids have a lot of potential in terms of cooking, even more so than adults themselves. Age and size are obviously just numbers,” she laughed.


For the season premiere, host and award winning Chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot welcomes the series’ first-ever batch of kids to the kitchen. Twenty four hopefuls were auditioned and only twelve aspirants were selected into the first cut. The final twelve ranging from the age group of eight to thirteen, hail from different states in the US and hold a multitude of culinary skills and expertise.

The twelve contestants will compete in a series of delicious challenges and cook-offs, comprising cupcakes, a tag team beef wellington and the ever challenging restaurant takeover. The most consistent, most creative and overall best competitor will be named America’s first MasterChef Junior at the end of the show.

“MasterChef Junior US promises to be filled with surprises that will be sure to thrill fans of the MasterChef franchise. I’m certain that the element of children in the show will be able to pull in more fans to the show as well,” added Penny.

This season of MasterChef US Junior episodes include:


Junior Edition: Here Come the Kids

Premieres 20th of April, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

Move over grown-ups…the kids are taking over the kitchen.


Junior Edition: School’s Out, But the MasterChef Kitchen is Open

Premieres 27th of April, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

The pint-sized chefs face a big mystery box challenge.


Junior Edition: Whip It

Premieres 4th of May, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

The judges get whip creamed.


Junior Edition: Bad Food Bares

Premieres 11th of May, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

The kids create tasty dishes using yucky ingredients.


Junior Edition: Restaurant Takeovers

Premieres 18th of May, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

The kids take over a fine dining restaurant.


Junior Edition: Finale, Part 1

 Premieres 25th of May, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

The Final Four prepare one amazing dish to make it to the Top Two.


Junior Edition: Finale, Part 2

 Premieres 1stth of June, Sunday @ 8.45 p.m. HKT

Two talented kids compete for the title.

Truly, this season is filled with delicious surprises and excitement, so find out for yourself who will take home the crown jewel for MasterChef Junior US on Star World (Astro Channel 711) and Star World HD (Astro Channel 722) every Sunday at 8.45 p.m.

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  1. I saw this already – watching these kids depress me cos they can cook so much better than me 😛

    And the judges (Gordon, Graham and Joe) are really nicer to the kids too…

    • Same here. I watched for the 1st time last night and got depressed too but the one where Gordon and the other 2 got drenched in whipped cream showed how sporting they are.