Maybelline Micellar Water


maybellineA few weeks ago, I was looking for an eye makeup remover and happened to notice that Maybelline Micellar Water was on 40% discount at Guardian so I picked up a bottle (at some outlets they were sold out) at RM14.95/200ml after discount. Garnier has a Micellar Water too but after the 40% discount, Maybelline’s works out to be slightly cheaper per ml.

Although Maybelline Micellar Water can be used as an overall makeup cleanser, I have been using it primarily as an eye makeup remover and find it to be gentle and effective. Doesn’t sting eyes and eye makeup including waterproof mascara comes off effortlessly. There are micro-captors in Maybelline Micellar Water that attract makeup, sebum and dirt. Normally retails at RM24.90 so when it is on 40% discount, it is a good bargain.