Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


Most of the time, I tend to skip eyeliner especially gel eyeliners as they’re too time-consuming to apply. I’m no expert in applying eyeliners and often have to clean up my mistakes. My very first gel eyeliners were Maybelline’s Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliners in Blue (Limited Edition) and Black.

The good thing about these gel eyeliners is that they come with a brush whereas most counter brand’s eyeliners, e.g. Bobbi Brown, MAC and RMK do not come with a brush which means spending another RM80 minimum on their brush. Of course, you can always purchase a drugstore brush to apply the counter brand’s eyeliner but I believe most people would purchase the brand’s brush.

Maybelline’s brush that comes in the pack is long handled and has a firm, pointy brush for precise application of the eyeliner. It’s quite a good brush for creating a thin or thick line. I always clean the brush before slipping it back into its plastic cover as I don’t want to mess up the cover and if I don’t, then the excess eyeliner will accumulate on the brush making it harder to clean next time.

The way I apply it is by firstly dipping the brush into the pot (I always use the eyeliner section by section rather than all over the pot to prevent it drying) and placing the product on the back of my hand. It’s not a highly pigmented eyeliner but the colour is intense enough (for me, anyway).

Thanks to its creamy texture, it isn’t that difficult to apply the gel eyeliner. The brush can feel a little scratchy though after it’s been used for some time. Wiping it clean after each use helps to prolong the longevity of the brush.

My main problem with these eyeliners is they are not smudge or budge-proof on my oily lids. It doesn’t take long before there is a stain on my undereye area and I can look like a mess which is why Swab Plus applicators must be in my bag whenever I have these eyeliners on. Without fail, my undereye area will be smudged even if I am not outdoors.

Other than the smudging problem, these eyeliners are above average quality for the price of RM39.90. Most counter brands’ gel eyeliners will be double or almost double that price and they don’t come with a brush. If these eyeliners didn’t budge on my lids, I would repurchase but unfortunately, they don’t quite work for me.