MAC Lash 36



There’s a false lash shop on one of the upper floors of Sungai Wang Plaza but I have never checked out other brand’s falsies other than MAC’s simply because I know that even if I purchased other brand’s lashes, I won’t use them without someone’s help. That’s the reason I would only buy MAC lashes, every time I want to have them on, I scurry over to a MAC outlet and ask for their help. I’ve never even tried putting them on myself, not once.

Just before the implementation of GST all those year ago (okay, it wasn’t that long ago), I went over to MAC MidValley and purchased 2 pairs of lashes. One pair was to replace my Lash 4 and the other one, I just couldn’t resist as they are brown and so natural looking without being too dramatic.

MAC Lash 36 is way better than putting on layer after layer of mascara



MAC Lash 36 was originally launched as Sultress Lashes. This full lash creates a naturally dramatic look. This is one pair of lashes I want to wear every day but that would mean having to dash to a MAC outlet every day!