MAC Chroma Craze Good Luck Trolls Collection


mac chroma crazeWhat interested me most about MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection were the Chroma Craze as it isn’t often that MAC comes up with hair products. In fact, I cannot recall if MAC has ever come up with hair products before this.

Chroma Craze is a coloured hairspray for an instant hit of temporary colour in a limited-edition, crazy-hued design. It’s available in Good Luck Locks (bubblegum pink) and Tease and Thank You (bright cobalt blue).

chroma craze

Spray them on the ends of hair for a bit of pizzazz. If you have always wanted to try a bold hair colour but don’t want it to last a long time, then this product is for you as the colour fades within a day, maybe even a few hours.

MAC Chroma Craze retails at RM145.