L’oreal White Perfect BB Cream Offers Better Coverage


The new generation of BB Creams offer a lot more than their predecessors. These days, a lot of BB Creams promise skincare benefits such as whitening skin tone. I guess a lot of people use BB Creams because they get sunscreen and coverage all in one, among other things. However many BB Creams I’ve tried, I’ve yet to become a convert and it’ll probably take a truly outstanding BB Cream for me to purchase one.

L’oreal’s new White Perfect BB Cream has SPF20/PA++, not very high. I’d need to apply a higher sunscreen underneath this one as I never leave the house without sunscreen of at least SPF30. It’s hard to lighten pigmentation so prevention is definitely better than cure!

I’m the last person to ask whether a certain BB Cream will visibly lighten skin tone because I don’t use BB Creams often and I don’t have the discipline to use BB Cream everyday just to put that claim to the test. Besides, I doubt there is any BB Cream out there that will lighten skin tone significantly and besides, how would you be able to tell whether your skin tone was lightened by the BB Cream or your whitening skincare routine if you are sticking to one?

I have compared the L’oreal BB Cream with the Garnier version which I liked.  You can see there is quite a bit of difference in colour between the two with L’oreal’s being a light brown shade while Garnier’s looks more like foundation shades.

Shade isn’t the only difference between the two as I found L’oreal’s BB Cream texture to be rather thick and as such, harder to blend than Garnier’s. Garnier’s BB Cream is much more fluid and easier to use. Also, Garnier’s BB Cream offered more radiance to my skin.

There is only one feature of L’oreal’s BB Cream that is better than Garnier’s. In terms of coverage, L’oreal’s does cover imperfections and spots more effectively so if I want more coverage, I’d reach for this BB Cream.

Where quantity is concerned, L’oreal’s BB Cream has more (30ml compared to Garnier’s 20ml) but L’oreal products are always more expensive than Garnier’s so L’oreal’s BB Cream retails at RM49.90 compared to Garnier’s at RM19.90.

Note : Product was sent by PR for review.