L’Oreal Paris Faux Cils Papillon


An asymmetrical brush that fans out lashes like a butterfly’s wings. Now that sure sounds promising for a mascara. This is a mascara I’d have bought to try based on that claim alone if I hadn’t received this for review. After all, I am a bit of a butterfly addict, my latest nail art design will attest to that.

Okay, so what is so unique about the L’Oreal Paris Faux Cils Papillon? Is it a “must-have” or “it’s-fine-not-to-have”?



Faux Cils Papillon brush works on lashes in 3 ways:-

  • Its curvy side grans lashes to curl and stretch out lashes so that they appear multiplied in just one stroke.
  • The side-angled tip helps elongate inner lashes so that lashes are lengthened and separated.
  • Angle the tip of the brush when applying to fan out lashes for a beautiful butterfly-wings effect.

The mascara has an innovative formula to softly envelop lashes for a silky effect, leaving them soft and smooth and not hard and clumpy. The formula has unique Cocoon Fibres – fibres that are only 1.2mm long – and together with the brush, it can lift up lashes at the outer corner.

So how did it fare? Let’s take a look!


after papillon

Much more visible lashes is perhaps an understatement here. There’s obviously more lengthening than volume but that is the whole point of this mascara, to give you lashes that fan out like a butterfly’s wings. There’s no clumping and I like the shape of the brush because it allow you to lift up lashes easily so lazy me can skip the eyelash curler step.

There’s no smudging either which gives this one major brownie points in my book. After all, I suffer from major smudging issues with mascara and eyeliner so whenever a mascara stays put on me, it’s time for a little celebration. *WHOOP-DE-DOO*

L’Oreal Paris Faux Cils Papillon retails at RM54.90.



  1. Oh, I heard about it too but looks like it is not the type for me since I need more volume than lengthening. obvious lengthening and it is good that it does not smudge as I really dislike mascara that smudge on my eyes.