Lierac Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate



Even for those of us who don’t have much cellulite, we’d like a firm body with minimal water retention. Unfortunately as we age, it becomes harder to lose the fats and water in certain areas such as abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. I’ve wanted to try Lierac products for a long time and finally had the opportunity with their  Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate which comes in a tall silver and black pump bottle.

Our body contains hypodermis cells called adipocytes. White adipocytes store fats while brown adipocytes have a “fat-burning” function. The hypodermis is the deepest layer of the skin and is a true anti-shock barrier that assures mechanical and thermal protection of the organs, muscles and bones.

Lierac Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate transforms white adipocytes into brown adipocytes and then activates the brown adipocytes to eliminate the lipids they contain. The concentrate also stimulates the transformation of white adipocytes into “fibroblast-like” cells capable of synthesizing collagen. This product is recommended for those with stubborn cellulite with orange peel skin, loss of firmness and water retention.


This is a gel-cream which has a spicy blackcurrant fragrance and a blend of iris, rose and jasmine but I think it smells more floral than fruity. Anyway, I have been using this for over a month. It’s very lightweight, not at all greasy and absorbs quickly into my skin. I massage it into my hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

My skin hasn’t become any firmer and I don’t see less water retention either on the areas on which the concentrate has been applied. The only improvement is smoother and more hydrated skin. Not much different from the results I get from a body lotion.

Lierac Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate is 200ml/RM220.

Product has been provided by Fusion Cosmetics for review.


  1. I’ve been using this for two weeks. I got this from the Bag of Love Special Edition Bag. I fell in love with this!!! I can see the stretch marks around the hips n thighs starting to fade. Cellulite starting to reduced too. And it firms up my inner thighs, I guess due to water retention reduction. Maybe it works better when you coupled with constant workout routine(which I’m currently devoted myself into). And yes, it does hydrate the skin very well and it’s non greasy. After finishing the current bottle, I think my wallet gonna cry like mad, coz I’m gonna get another one no matter what!

    • Glad it worked for you and you are right, it’s probably more effective when combined with a workout routine. If it works for you, then it’s worth the price.