Lie After Lie Is Almost Coming To Its Conclusion


65785d95d5ee4b5d988e407a6f4a8345As Lie After Lie is nearing its conclusion, I’ll just recap the last 2 episodes which mainly focused on Kang Ji Min’s adopted daughter’s health. As anyone who has watched the drama know, Ji Eun Soo will do anything for her biological daughter who happens to be Kang Ji Min’s adopted daughter, Woo Joo. Woo Joo collapsed during the wedding of Kang Ji Min and Ji Eun Soo after Woo Joo asked Eun Soo if she really murdered someone. The wedding ceremony had to be aborted of course.

Woo Joo has a serious heart condition which is life-threatening and needs part of her lungs transplanted. Ji Min gets tested for compatability but as expected, he isn’t a match since he isn’t the kid’s biological father. Eun Soo gets tested too without Ji Min’s knowledge and she is of course a match but before the operation can go ahead, they need to face the hospital’s Ethics Committee as they don’t want Eun Soo to be claiming financial compensation after the operation. Eun Soo has to prove that she is willing to have part of her lungs removed to save her daughter purely out of motherly love.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo’s vicious ex-mother-in-law is doing all she can to stop the Ethics Committee from hearing the case as she has another plan for the kid to be operated on in Japan. Ex mother-in-law Kim Ho Ran is actually not the biological grandmother of Woo Joo. Eun Soo has proved this as she grabbed hold of some of Kim Ho Ran’s hair for a DNA test during a cat fight with her. The big reveal at the finale is whether Kim Ho Ran had something to do with Eun Soo’s husband’s murder for which Eun Soo was framed for and spent 10 years in jail after she was convicted.