Libresse V-Care Daily Purifying Slim Liners


dsc_8796For as long as I can remember (which is a long time), I had been using Kotex panty liners which were fine for many years but lately I found the quality somewhat lacking as they break after about an hour and the cotton comes spilling out of the liner. I am not sure what changed but it’s really unacceptable that the liner starts to degrade after just an hour of use. I had to change the liner more than a few times a day which is not cost-saving at all.

Then I was sent a pack of Libresse V-Care Daily Purifying Slim Liners and this is surprisingly good and better quality. This one is 15cm and slim. I would prefer their longer and wider version at 17.5cm but this slim one doesn’t break up after a few hours. Made from PureClean™ with quick-dry breathable material that supports natural air circulation for a longer lasting feeling of intimate cleanliness.