Libresse The V Game Helps Young Girls & Women Learn More About Womanhood


dsc_8729Thanks to Libresse, I have received The V Game which guides players and provides solutions that resolve everyday situations that women face, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate V-Zone.

In The V Game, you play as a girl who is facing all sorts of situations concerning your womanhood, these situations are represented by the Situation Cards. To help you resolve these situations, you need your inner resources, which are Love, Courage, Care, Knowledge and Sisterhood, just like in real life, we need these inner resources to help us pull through life’s troubles.

Other than the everyday situations, misleading Myths about womanhood will cause unnecessary complications, towards a woman’s well-being. Fortunately, with our powers combined, we can defeat these Myths and rid its influence over every girl.


The game comes with a Rulebook that explains how the game is to be played. Basically, the girl who works the hardest to solve Situations and Myths will get points and win the game.